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Wine List

White wines

2012 Chardonnay, ‘Domaine Boyar’, Bulgaria                                                    £3.70       £5.20        £15.50

Soft ripe and with a dry finish. Pleasing simplicity.


2012 Fetasaca regala, demi sec, Romania                                                            £3.90       £5.45        £16.30

Fruity, soft and fresh with mildly spicy finish


2013 sauvignon Blanc, conquistador, Chile.                                                         £3.90       £5.45        £16.30

Aromas of green apples and soft, ripe flavours.

Enhanced with a touch of citrus.


2013 Pinot Grigio, Paparuda, Romania.                                                                 £4.10       £5.65       £16.95

Light fresh pear flavours with a touch of citrus fruit. Clean and refreshing.


2012 Picpoul de Pinet, Le Jade, Coteaux du Languedoc, France                                                         £19.95

A happy ‘melange’ of citrus and pear flavours


2012 Sauvignon Blanc, Forrest Estate, Marlborough, New Zealand                                                   £26.55

Tropical fruit, vibrant acidity, irresistible appeal. The classic Kiwi Sauvignon.


Gaston Andre, Chablis, France                                                                                                                   £27.45

Crisp and fresh with citrus and flinty notes through to dry finish.




Red Wines



2012 Merlot Blueridge, ‘Domaine Boyar’, Bulgaria                                            £3.70       £5.20        £15.50

Big open flavours. Touch gamey, very merlot.


2013 Pinot Noir, Paparuda, Romania.                                                                   £3.90       £5.45        £16.30

Pure and simple. Clean, ripe, redcurrant aromas with generous red fruit flavours.

Very More-ish and great value.


2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Cecilia, Chile                                                    £4.10       £5.65       £16.95

Simple and piercingly pure blackcurrant flavours.


2013 Shiraz 'Big River' Murphy Vineyards, Australia                                           £4.35       £5.95       £17.65                     

Lovely full, spicy fruit. Very Shiraz, very Oz.


Rioja, Ondarre, Crianza, Spain                                                                                                                   £23.75

Spicy, fruit aromas. Combined with vanilla and oak notes.


Berton Vineyards, The Black Shiraz, Australia.                                                                                       £23.50

An espresso of Wine! Strong Purple black intense


2010 Château La Croix Blanche, Montagne St Emilion                                                                          £29.95

Rich merlot flavours balanced by vanilla oak. At its best with classic roast.






2012 Perdido Rosado, Navarra, Spain                                                                     £3.95       £5.45      £15.50

Soft red fruit flavours with a clean and dry finish.


2013 Pinot Grigio Rosé, Amanti Del Vino, Italy                                                      £4.10       £5.65      £16.95

Delicate summer fruit flavours and refreshing light finish.


Gerrad Bertrand, 6 eme Rose, France                                                                                                      £19.75

Pale- pink colour. The nose shows red fruit aromas.

Good balanced acidity with a zesty finish.




Fizz and Champagne


Prosecco Frizzante, Il Colle, Veneto, Italy                                                                                                £21.50

Ripe, appetising appley flavours. Like a just ripe cox.


Champagne Moutard, Grand cuvee, France                                                                                           £36.00

A cuvee with pinot noir base. Aged for at least three years.

Fine rich, developed nose with fragrances of butter, almond and brioche.


Champagne Moutard, Prestige Rose, France.                                                                                        £39.50

Subtle with complexity. With essence of red fresh fruit such as raspberries and wild strawberries evolving towards peppery and spicy aromas. Beautiful with a distinctive style.


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